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Hop in the Love Seat

with David Larson Levine

When you join the Creators Guild, you'll have me as your personal guide. I'll reveal your blindspots, help you map out the terrain of your creative quest, and accompany you past your edges into the unlimited possibility space of the fertile void. Here are some specific areas of focused attention.


    You'll discover how to package and price your capabilities to optimize cash-flow and increase revenue.


    You'll find new ways to present yourself, attract your dream clients and draw them into your programs.


    You'll learn cutting edge methods to support, guide, coach and mentor your clients for results.


    You'll apply advanced technology to put your business on autopilot so you can stay in your zone of genius.


    You'll develop your own programs and practices to certify your community of coaches in your niche.


    You'll enjoy making progress toward the most empowered, creative and loving version of yourself.


    You'll meet some of the most remarkable people on the planet who will appreciate your own significance.


    You'll discover an immense capacity for love, work & life you'll want to share with everyone you meet.

Hear a bit more from these clients and partners...

Life coach and Master Navigator

Warren Kahn

David is a visionary who dreams big but then creates detailed plans and assembles qualified teams to bring the vision from dream state to reality.


He is open to learn as he goes. 


He is a leader but also willing to follow when that is what is needed.


He cares about our world and the state of humanity and keeps those passions in view as he creates his business vision.


He is knowledgeable and stays current with technology even in an ever changing landscape.


He is dedicated to bring quality and inspirational content to a larger worldwide audience.


He is willing to do the work and shows resilience and courage when things take longer than anticipated.


I have grown and learned under his leadership and look forward to more with David as the path to the future reveals itself."

Hypnotherapist and Performance Coach

Four Arrows

I have known David for many years and know few individuals who possess his synergistic combination of genius, creativity, eloquence, and passion. 


Tying these traits together is a deep commitment to making the world a better place for all.  


Undergirding this commitment is his realization that the foundation for rebalancing life systems calls for an alternative to the dominator-oriented worldview has put the world into our many current crises. 


He has landed upon this alternative in his journey to understand traditional Lakota understandings of how to be in the world. 


As a result, his work carries all people's welfare and focuses on encouraging us  humans to live by carefully studied principles so they might find the courage to do similarly.






Glassblower and Business Coach

Maayan Gordon

David is an incredible human being!


His passion for unlocking the gifts inside of others is profound, and he has an incredible vision for making this world a better place for everyone.


David has a kindness and compassion that’s rarely seen in leaders and he goes out of his way to make sure that everyone feels included and supported.


He is incredibly talented when it comes to people and processes, and is a life-long learner who brings every bit of experience and learning into every situation he approaches. 


I can confidently say that anyone who works with David will gain incredible insights and knowledge on how to improve their business and experience.

Executive Director for Leymah Gbowee

Sarah Jewell

David is a gifted entrepreneur and facilitator.


He is able to bring together professionals from vastly different backgrounds and help each one find how they are uniquely positioned to make an impact and reach their goals.


As a non-profit executive, I'm used to working within the constraints of program logics and grant guidelines.


It feels liberating to work with David and tap into his entrepreneurial spirit -- it radically shifts my perspective of what is possible in my business.





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